Russian Constructivism

From our lesson the other week we chose to talk about Russian Constructivism and looked at the video above my Franz Ferdinand. From the research we were given to start off with I found out… Continue reading

Inserting your image into DivTags

Once you have all of your images modified into Photoshop you are ready to place them into your HTML file. Open up all your DREAMWEAVER files including your CSS document. Click into the DIVTAG you would… Continue reading

Editing your images for Dreamweaver

Once you have placed all your divtags into your Dreamweaver document you need to do the next step of adding your images. 1.Before doing anything you MUST create a IMAGE FOLDER in your ROOTFOLDER.  Choose your image you… Continue reading

Tim Walker

In last weeks session we looked at the Tim Walker, a British fashion photographer who bases his work around his imagination and dreams. As of this we watched four different short videos, including:… Continue reading

Tim Walker – Story Teller Exhibition Visit

On Friday 9th November we went to Somerset House to look at Tim Walker’s photographic exhibition ‘Story Teller’ who using large scale 3D props to create his fantasy images. Once I walked in… Continue reading

Toni&Guy Packaging Project

These are my final designs for a Toni&Guy packaging project. I had to create 2 ranges, one photographic and another with the use of materials. I feel that these are really successful as… Continue reading

My Website Design Divtags

I have applied the same rules to my own website design as I have from my previous post. Firstly I inserted my heading DIVTAG which once is saved can be used automatically again for each… Continue reading

Laying out a page with DIV TAGS

This is a step by step description on how to lay a page out with DIV TAGS in Adobe DreamWeaver. Create a new folder in your documents and name this ROOTFOLDER – this is where your website… Continue reading

Website Design Inspirational Homepages


Website Design Considerations –

  Navigation – has a very abstract navigation structure. Along the top of the page is a menu listing things about the company itself, whereas if you scroll down the page the audience can see even… Continue reading