Astronaut iPad magazine

I have decided to look an iPad magazine app called Astronaut because I really like the layout of each page. As you can see from the first three images below I have taken… Continue reading

Opake Magazine

For my research I have decided to look at the iPad magazine called Opake Magazine which has been designed my a student for their major design. “The magazines aim is to act as a gallery… Continue reading

Thumbnail designs for my Bauhaus iPad app

  These are some thumbnail ideas for my iPad App design based on my essay about the Bauhaus. I have created 16 different designs, considering images, typeface, text and also a couple in… Continue reading

iPad Magazine Moodboards

Click the links below to view my mood boards:! Mood Board One Mood Board Two Mood Board Three Mood Board Four I have chosen to look at all of these images purely for their… Continue reading


Propaganda Why was propaganda so effective in World War One? In our lesson this Friday was discussed Propaganda for our Unit 5  assignment and how graphic design has influenced the government to create advertising posters… Continue reading

Evaluation – web design

The target audience for my website design is both male and female aged between 16 and 40, they would be interested in design and could also be graphic designers themselves. There is no… Continue reading

Editing the appearance of your links

You can change the appearance of your links so when you look at them on the internet they can be different colours or typefaces when rolled over and clicked. To do this you… Continue reading

Changing navigation in Dreamweaver

There are three different ways you can put navigation onto your website. This makes sure that when you click on a link it will take it to the right place. Anything can be… Continue reading

Bauhaus Essay

The Bauhaus: Explore the design principles of this school and show how they are applied in chosen examples. E.g. ceramics, furniture, photography, book design. The aim of the Bauhaus school was to create… Continue reading


From our lesson we spoke about the Bauhaus school and looked at the video above which explains the basics on what the Bauhaus is. From looking at these I found out that: The… Continue reading