Adding Buttons to link pages

Like my other posts, adding buttons to your publication is extremely easy and will only take a few seconds. A button could be an object or piece of text, and once you have… Continue reading


Creating an iPad design on Illustrator is very simple and once you get the hang of everything it is easy to create navigation is different shapes and forms. I am going to explain… Continue reading

My iPad Ideas

As my iPad magazine will be based on the Bauhaus I have taken time to create four very different thumbnail ideas which relate back the the topic of the Bauhaus but also have… Continue reading

Creating a Slideshow

Once you have created all the Illustrator pages for your iPad designs you are ready to make it come to life! Here I am going to explain how to create a simple slideshow:… Continue reading

iPad Design – simple process

The process of creating an iPad design is very simple, which are: Pulbication is called a Folio – folio is used when you are referring back to the whole pulbication or the magazine… Continue reading

Better Half iPad magazine

   ‘Better Half is an iPad magazine based on the differences between men and women, highlighting strong, influential women and the lesser known roles of men.’ – From looking at I found this iPad magazine… Continue reading


‘This is a special edition of the Brazilian magazine “Superinteressante”. I did the adaptation of the entire magazine to iPad and Android tablets.’ – Whilst looking though I came across Super Interessante iPad magazine which… Continue reading

Inspirational iPad magazine front covers

Creating A Slideshow on InDesign

To create a slideshow for an iPad, you first need to select all the images that you want include in your slide show, and then click on Object States which will then open up… Continue reading

Mint iPad Magazine

          ‘The magazine MINT created by moodley brand identity for Therme Loipersdorf supports the positioning of the thermal spa. Such as the general philosophy of the biggest Austrian thermal… Continue reading