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Evaulation for iPad and Unit 5

In Unit 5 I chose to write about the Bauhaus as I feel I can talk about this subject matter more in detail than any of the other inquiries. In this project I… Continue reading

Wolfgang Weingart and New Wave Design

The question stemmed from a quote on the first slide stating that Weingart never intended to make a style that was followed by other designers. I thought why he would do this and… Continue reading

London Underground

Frank Pick and the London Underground – presentation Video One London tube map adapt to change – picadilly was added on to the map later on New addition made to the map 80… Continue reading

Swiss Style

On friday it was my turn to hold the group discusion and my topid was swiss style typography. I started off giving a presentation which is shown below: Jan Tchichold powerpoint After this… Continue reading

Push Pin Studios

Why did Push Pin Studio stick to an illustrative style and not the harsh lines of design at that time? During the disscussion we though about and found out: Based in New York… Continue reading


Propaganda Why was propaganda so effective in World War One? In our lesson this Friday was discussed Propaganda for our Unit 5  assignment and how graphic design has influenced the government to create advertising posters… Continue reading

Bauhaus Essay

The Bauhaus: Explore the design principles of this school and show how they are applied in chosen examples. E.g. ceramics, furniture, photography, book design. The aim of the Bauhaus school was to create… Continue reading


From our lesson we spoke about the Bauhaus school and looked at the video above which explains the basics on what the Bauhaus is. From looking at these I found out that: The… Continue reading

Russian Constructivism

From our lesson the other week we chose to talk about Russian Constructivism and looked at the video above my Franz Ferdinand. From the research we were given to start off with I found out… Continue reading

Tim Walker

In last weeks session we looked at the Tim Walker, a British fashion photographer who bases his work around his imagination and dreams. As of this we watched four different short videos, including:… Continue reading