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Development of my iPad design from start to finish

As this project was based around the subject I chose to write about in my essay I needed to look up the Bauhaus in my detail to find out what the design style… Continue reading

Evaulation for iPad and Unit 5

In Unit 5 I chose to write about the Bauhaus as I feel I can talk about this subject matter more in detail than any of the other inquiries. In this project I… Continue reading

iPad article five

iPad article four

iPad article three

iPad article two

iPad article One


  This is the image I used to get the right colouring for the background of each of my folios – I feel that these are the same as what the Bauhaus students… Continue reading

Final design layouts

    These three spreads are examples of what my whole magazine will look like – by using black lines I have been able to keep the design attached throughout the spreads to make sure… Continue reading

First attempt

These are my first attempt at the layout of my Bauhaus iPad magazine app, I decided to take the three simple colours of red, blue and yellow and the three shapes of triangle,… Continue reading