Development of my iPad design from start to finish

As this project was based around the subject I chose to write about in my essay I needed to look up the Bauhaus in my detail to find out what the design style was like at the time it was created. Whilst looking on the internet I saw that most of the images shown used a lot of the same colours – red, blue and yellow – this gave me an idea to use these colours to contract each other. In the same way I realized that the designers around that time used three main shapes of a triangle, square and circle. Once I found these out I had a lot of different ideas to play with. In my fist set of thumbnails I concentrated more on making it relate back to the Bauhaus theme more than how the body copy would sit, the grid it would be made in and the typeface. On the other hand I used a lot of different layouts with lines and images relating back to how the hierarchy  which in this case was to have an equal amount of type and image.  My second set of thumbnails are based around my favourite design from the first set – this included having the pages split up into three to four different sections which included body copy in one and images in the next. I also thought about the research I did over the weekend which included a iPad magazine called Astronaut which shown the audience how to get around the site before seeing the content. This gave me inspiration to do the same on my designs – I had a lot of different navigation on my magazine including a slideshow, picture gallery and a circle with a plus sign in it which if the audience clicked on it a box would pop up with different information in. As a result I also thought about the colours and shapes that the Bauhaus used in the designs which gave me the idea to have these as the main part of my design, the shapes would have a low opacity so that they overlap, creating different colours. Once I went back to these I realized I needed to make a series of different designs called ‘Articles’ which would consist of different headings from my essay. I took my second set of thumbnails which included the shapes and colours into larger scale and one of each page. This made each article different in its own way. I also thought that having a number of different shapes on a page would make it seem to have too much going on and the audience wouldn’t know what to concentrate on first. These thumbnails also included my essay which I took into account when setting out the layouts for the body copy. Once I tried these designs digitally onto InDesign I realized that I had a lot less text than I thought, which gave me the idea to shorten each of the articles and also create some more space between the content as it was very crowded. The fourth set of thumbnails where ideal for how much body copy I actually had to play around with and I also made the shapes go over two pages of an article to make the pages consistent and also feel joint up. Once I tried this on InDesign I found it very hard to make them join up when I previewed them in Folio Overlays. Although these were going to be my final designs I needed to rethink the shapes and how there was too much white space. As a result my final thumbnails are inverted from my previous ones as the background had a colour of either red, blue or yellow, and a white shape of circle, square or triangle. I really admire how I have got from start to finish and also how the designs are obviously related to the Bauhaus and its design principles which also relate back to my essay question.

Typeface: Neues Bauen – I have used this typeface for the headings as it is bold and also looks quite like the typefaces used from the Bauhaus. I really like how the descender on the letter E is shorter than it should be which also gives it a modern twist to the design.

Typeface: MonaKo – I have used the typeface MonaKo for my body copy and quotes because I really admire how how thin and rounded the letters are. It is also quite a lot different from Neues Bauen because of how the letters flow together. I also felt that having a completely different typeface would give off a more friendly approach from the heading and it is also easier to read than having the other font as the body copy.