Evaluation for my website design

In this project I was asked to create a website design to promote my own work throughout my course. The target audience for my website would be designers and students who are interested in my work, the client would be myself as I am promoting my own creations.  The intended message throughout my design is to show the audience my projects throughout the two years of being at college and showing that in an interactive and professional way. To show this I created a website design digitally which I feel has met the requirements of the brief because it is obvious to what the website is about as soon as the audience goes onto the homepage.

I have learnt a lot of new skills overall in this project as I have never created an interactive design before. I found this a challenge but once the skills got clearer so did my imagination. These skills included using Dreamweaver, creating divtags to show how my website will look as a draft, editing images to make them right for the internet and then inserting my images into divtags, changing navigation so that the audience can get around my website easily and finally changing the appearance of my links – for example colour changing when you scroll over words.  To get inspiration for my website design I looked at a few different design agencies as well as websites that are popular today – these showed me how navigation works as well as how the layout is set out throughout each page to make the whole design consistent. As a result I went with a design agency called ‘400’ who are a leading branding a design agency based in London. I really admired how each pages has a series of rectangles to show off their work which inspired me to do the same with each of my projects. The media and materials I used from start to finish are hand drawn for my thumbnails and digital on the macs – including the software of Adobe Dreamweaver.

As a result of my project I found that the layout worked well on each page as I used a three column grid which included images and body copy, on the other hand the part that did not work as well as it should of done is how professional the website looked compared to my research. I feel that the reason for this was because this was the first time I had created an interactive design piece and I had no experience in websites – this proves that as I create more and more website designs I can get more experience and more imagination to my work. The most difficult part of the whole project has to be getting the images right for the boxes used on each page – this is because the divtags were rectangle and some of my images I planned to use did not fit in the divtags correctly. The most straightforward part of the project is definitely getting the divtags onto each page as once I found out how to place them in quickly it was very easy to do it for a number of different pages. I feel that I have definitely developed a lot from the start of the project to the end because of how my designs got more structured and imaginative. If I could improve my project at all I would add more colour to the design to make it more eye catching to the audience – the reason I did not do this at the time is because I was concentrating more on getting all the content correct and the divtags in the right place to make sure that the website was fully functioning. I have learnt a lot of skills by doing this assignment and my knowledge of website design has grown a lot since the start of the project. If I was to create another website I would be more thoughtful of how the website would attract the audience as well as being functional interactively. As a result I feel I have met all the learning outcomes and this has proven to be a challenging yet imaginative project which has turned out to be personal to my own needs and represents me as a person.