Evaulation for iPad and Unit 5

In Unit 5 I chose to write about the Bauhaus as I feel I can talk about this subject matter more in detail than any of the other inquiries. In this project I have been asked to create an iPad magazine for my chosen subject of the Bauhaus. The target audiences for my magazine are people and students who are interested in the Bauhaus because my designs relate back to the designs of the subject. The intended message of the project was to tell the audience about the design principles of the Bauhaus school by creating an iPad design giving out information from my essay. I feel that these meet the design outcomes required from the brief because the layout and content of the designs are eye catching to the audience and also are obvious to what the message is.

I have learnt a lot of new skills in this project including how to change the InDesign document to ‘Digital Publishing’, which allows me to make my design interactive. Part of this includes adding slideshows, scrolling and buttons to link pages and objects together.  When thinking about materials I have used throughout the project I started of using free hand to create my thumbnails which were changes three times to finalize my designs, which then turned into designing the digital creations on InDesign, going from ‘essential’ to ‘digital publishing’.

Throughout the whole project including Unit 5 I have researched a lot of historical content including Tim Walker, the Bauhaus, Russian Constructivism, Propaganda, Pushpin Studios, Swiss Style, London Underground and Digital Age. I started off having Swiss Style as my chosen subject but when it came to creating an essay relating to out subjects I decided that I have more information and understanding about the Bauhaus. Once this was complete I looked for inspiration for my iPad design which I got from some different iPad designs that are out at the moment – including Better Half, Mint, Astronaut and Opake magazine which all gave me ideas for the navigation. Once I had this I went on to look at some different designs relating to the Bauhaus which I found some images from different magazines, posters and articles. I have linked these to my final outcome by using the three popular shapes and colours used from the Bauhaus to create the different effects of each page.

Overall I feel that the magazine as a whole has worked extremely well as they relate back to the Bauhaus’ creations at the time and are all linked together with a black line going down the right hand side of each article. The most difficult part of the whole project was getting the designs right for me; I had two different designs which where inverts of each other. In the end I went for the second design as the white on colour made more of an effect on the audience which made it eye catching. I feel that my skills have developed a lot as a designer throughout this project and I feel that I will be more confident for future projects involving interaction.  If I had to improve anything in my design it would be fading the background colours into each other as I feel it does look a bit out of place from going straight from one colour to the next.  As a result I have met all the outcomes as well as I can and I am confident that I have created my design as well as I can and I feel that it is professional as well as relating back to the Bauhaus.