Wolfgang Weingart and New Wave Design

  • The question stemmed from a quote on the first slide stating that Weingart never intended to make a style that was followed by other designers. I thought why he would do this and how did he not realize he would inspire a new style of design. He did start the New Wave design and concluded that in 1968.
  • Weingart and the new wave style broke the rules of typography as they thought that the International style ( that was the Swiss Style) had a very distinct look, New Wave design broke all the rules of this design style and had a more expressive style rather than the rigid grids and straight lines of the International Style. I have a feeling that Weingart did start of with a grid layout but it is not used in such an obvious way in his work.
  • We then thought about how Weingart would have trained. We discussed that he would have been a typesetter, using traditional printing blocks and leading. The typographic elements such as the leading was consistent in some areas of his work and he would have set up the design, printed, cut up and rearranged the design into a new format – the New Wave. The designs used layering, something very different to the international style. The starting point to this technique was to use forms of photocopying and half tone print to add surface and texture. Collage techniques had been used that were starting to be seen in art and design in the same era.
  • The International style was very legibe and used for advertising and corporate work where as the emphasis on New Waves design was not always legibe.
  • I feel that Weingart would have passed on his ideas about design, it could have been accidentle by encouraging his students to try new ideas and style. His students then would have taken his ideas all over the world.
  • We realized that in the 1970s, punk was in fashion in the UK. The ideas behind punk were all about breaking the rules and rebellion. The artwork in New Wave reflects some of the fashion in the punk era. Ripped up clothes pieced together. This new style was also known a Post Modernism. Weingarts students would eventually have gone on to start using some of the early digital techniques in design. Layering up images , photos and typography.
  • David Carson went on to develop a similar style – breaking the rules of type and layout and legibility. His designs were less structured and bled off the page. He did not stick to the rules of grids. He layered up work. I found out about the ideas of form after function. In new wave it was definitely form before function.

Final thoughts

Weingart started a new style of design and is something that has developed into the design we still see today.

His work accidently became something that influenced students and designers throughout the 70s and 80s.

Showed a more creative side of graphic design

It rebelled against the international style.

It started from Swiss style and developed into something else.

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