iPad Design – simple process


The process of creating an iPad design is very simple, which are:

  • Pulbication is called a Folio – folio is used when you are referring back to the whole pulbication or the magazine you are creating.
  • Each page is called an Article – This term is used when talking about each page of your folio. You need to remember that each article must be created in seperate documents.
  • Set up each individual files in Illustrator for each article
  • Add interactive clements using Folio Overlay Panel

After thinking about these basic terms you need to know about set ups of Illustrator

  • What orientation will your publication be – horizontal, vertical, both
  • What device you are creating the publication for – iPad, Android, iPhone, Kindle, Kobo
  • Columns and margins
  • RGB
  • Typefaces – you need larger type for an online magazine than print, for example 12pt.
  • Continues pages.

Once you have made note of all the above for your own publication you can get started and create the programme.