Creating a Slideshow

Once you have created all the Illustrator pages for your iPad designs you are ready to make it come to life! Here I am going to explain how to create a simple slideshow:

  • Get all the images you want into your slideshow and place them all on top of each other at the point you want them to be,
  • Select all the layers
  • Object state – drop down menu – new state – This creates a multistate.
  • Rename the state to slideshow
  • When you click on the image – folio overlays – this should automatically take you to the slideshow panel on the right, click tap to play, and preview.
  • When you preview it you will notice that you can not see the slideshow, as of this you need to copy and paste the state of the first image so this is a simple image on top of the slideshow.
  • Once you have done this preivew your publication and you will be able to see the first image in place of the slideshow, click the image and the slideshow will appear.