‘This is a special edition of the Brazilian magazine “Superinteressante”. I did the adaptation of the entire magazine to iPad and Android tablets.’ –

Whilst looking though I came across Super Interessante iPad magazine which I have chosen to look at purely for the layout and and colours used. When thinking about layout this magazine is different from the others I have looked at which has more typography then image in every screen shot. When looking at the content page the background is very dark which gives off a different feel to the other screen shots as these have a pale pink colour. I feel that when I create my designs I will keep a consistent theme throughout every page which will make sure that the audience know its my app. I have also chosen this magazine because of how the pages are numbered with large numbers in each corner making them more higher on the hierarchy chart than any of the other content on the page – this has inspired me to do the same with the heading and/or design from the Bauhaus. Another part of this design that I really admire is the colour theme used on the typefaces, for example on the last screenshot there are two different typefaces, one black and one a blue colour – this colour scheme has been used throughout all of the screenshots which also sets off a hierarchy of type. I like how on each page in the top left hand  corner there is a blue box which has given me an idea to do a similar design with different shapes with relates back to the Bauhaus designs.  On the other hand this iPad magazine design is very typeface consistent which is different towards my designs as I need a balance of image and typeface, so as a result I would not take this design into account when thinking about each page of my magazine article.