Better Half iPad magazine

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‘Better Half is an iPad magazine based on the differences between men and women, highlighting strong, influential women and the lesser known roles of men.’ –

From looking at I found this iPad magazine called Better Half, and the reason I have chosen to research this app further is because the designs are similar to the Bauhaus movement. For example each of the screenshots have lines going in different directions which relates back to the Bauhaus designs. I like the front cover because of how the image is upside down and black and white which makes it contrast from the bright yellow typeface in the middle of the page. This creates a hierarchy which tells the audience exactly what the iPad magazine is about. When looking at the middle image I really like how the numbers join together with lines and consist down the page – this has given me an idea to have a timeline of the Bauhaus with the same design style using the three main colours in that design period. The fourth screen shot has an image and text going in the same direction in boxes – this has given me ideas towards my thumbnail designs by making my pages using lines and boxes. This will separate the images and type out and also relates back to the Bauhaus by using the same shapes of squares, circles and triangles – these could also have a low opacity with would be an idea to place type over each. As a result this magazine design is a great way for getting influence in design related to the Bauhaus and overall I feel that I can take these design into my iPad magazine to create a creative and historical design.