Mint iPad Magazine







‘The magazine MINT created by moodley brand identity for Therme Loipersdorf supports the positioning of the thermal spa. Such as the general philosophy of the biggest Austrian thermal spa the content of the magazine is also based upon the three pillars: “let go”, “experience” and “strengthen“ – represented in the CI by the colours blue, orange and lilac.’ –

 I have chosen to look at MINT magazine because I really like the layout of each page which has given me inspiration for my essay as an iPad design. MINT magazine has a structure of two columns which both contains body copy and image which balances out the paragraphs and also separates them out so that the audience think that there isn’t as much type as there actually is. This is a good way of keeping the audience interested in the article without getting bored. As you can see from scrolling down the app there is a joint up dotted line with a couple of aeroplanes  along them with gives off a fun vibe as well as relating back to the article written. This has given me an idea to create different lines relating back to the Bauhaus to make my designs more interesting and interactive to the audience.  What also interests me is how the designer has used a white background to create a hierarchy between the type and image – as I mentions before there is an equal balance between the two and for this reason the designer has made the heading the top of the hierarchy to make sure that the audience know exactly what they are about to read before knowing anything else.  To do this the design has used a large text with two different typefaces using a blue colour which is the same as the quotes and aeroplane line – this makes the article consistent. The part I admire the most about MINT magazine is how everything flows together with the dotted aeroplane lines and how the type goes down both columns in separate times – this tells the audience where to navigate and where to read next. As a result if I were to create my iPad design with just one article I would definitely consider having a flow of body copy down the page to create navigation to the audience automatically. If I had to change anything about MINT magazine’s design I would consider to use more interactive navigation for the audience – for example if someone clicked onto an image it would come up with the description. I feel that overall MINT magazine is a good influence on how to create my article with images involved too which had given me a lot of different ideas when thinking about navigation, image and body copy.