Astronaut iPad magazine

I have decided to look an iPad magazine app called Astronaut because I really like the layout of each page. As you can see from the first three images below I have taken a shine to how the typeface is laid out, for example on the second image the typography overlaps the photography which plays around with the hierarchy of the page letting the audience know exactly what the article is about from the large type and the image. On the third image there are two photos what go over the body copy, when you click on the image it can go bigger and smaller to make the type versatile and also easy for the audience to read. The reason I like these pages are for the layout purposes purely because I like how the typeface is used on all pages of Astronaut, I have taken inspiration from these and I will definitely consider using type over image in my designs. The other iPad screen shots show how images can be used as a background to create a hierarchy between image and type. For example the middle image has a background of the model with white light typeface to the left of him, which makes the audience look at the model which directs them onto the type straight after to find out what its about. Navigation can be hard to work out on some apps, so when looking through this magazine design I found that before you get on to the actual magazine there is a screen which explains it all. This is a great way of getting round the iPad easier than trying to work it out yourself, which has given me inspiration to create my own screen which does the exact same thing so that the audience know exactly what to do without getting stuck half way.  As a result you can see how easy Astronaut iPad magazine is to get around as well as how their layouts work with navigation involved, which comes to the conclusion that I will be creating my own front page explaining the navigation and also the use of overlapping.