Opake Magazine

For my research I have decided to look at the iPad magazine called Opake Magazine which has been designed my a student for their major design. “The magazines aim is to act as a gallery for artists and musicians around the world.” (1) The reason why I have chosen this design to look at for influence is because I really like the layout given off, for example on the second image displayed below the designer has taken two images of the same size and placed them together in the centre of the page. Using a white background this creates a hierarchy between the images and also the typeface used along the side and below. I can take this design into my own work by having some images about the Bauhaus in a line for the audience to swipe though with the type underneath each one describing the image. What I also like about the Opake Magazine is how  – when the iPad is landscape the  – body copy is laid out in one columns with an image next to it, where as when the iPad is portrait the images automatically go up to the top of the page with the body copy in two columns. If I was to create my own body copy page I would definitely consider using the white space as shown below to create an impact on the main heading, which then creates a hierarchy and lets the audience concentrate on individual parts of the page without getting distracted.When considering to put images into my iPad magazine I can get inspiration from the images below by having an image cover the whole page and then white typeface at the top. To make mine different from Opake magazine I would have the heading at the top and when the audience clicks on it a drop down box will appear with the information inside about the image. When watching the video below i have learnt a lot about the interactive features of the app in the sence that I need to make my audience interested automatically. To do this I would take influence from Opake by having a slideshow of images on most pages describing what each page is about and also my essay. From watching the whole video I have taken into account that most of this magazine design is slideshows of images and videos. To make mine different I would consider having drop down boxes of text for each image/every other image which can then make the audience feel more important and interactive. As a result I feel that I have gained a lot of different influences from Opake and I can definitely put some of the design principles into my own work.

(1) http://www.behance.net/gallery/Opake-Magazine/3173906