Thumbnail designs for my Bauhaus iPad app



These are some thumbnail ideas for my iPad App design based on my essay about the Bauhaus. I have created 16 different designs, considering images, typeface, text and also a couple in the style of Bauhaus techniques. From looking at the first one, I have taken this idea from the image from my research as I feel I can explain three different images from the Bauhaus with text both underneath and on top of the images.

My favorite thumbnail design has to be the one about the bottom right hand corner. This is because I really like how the first letter from the sentence is larger than normal which means that the other text can go on top giving my design a consistent theme throughout if I consider to carry on that design feature.

I have also thought about the Bauhaus designs themselves and have created a couple of thumbnails in the style of this. For example the third design along the top has taken the ‘H’ from Bauhaus as made the descender longer to create another design feature. As a result I feel that I could put both of these design features together to have the first letter of the paragraph larger, underneath the body copy and also go off the page using the ascender or descender.

When considering the images from my essay, I have decided that the best thumbnail design for this would have to be the third one down left hand side. This is because even though there is body copy on the page, the images can have a bigger impact. I feel that if I cut half of the text off, and made the images bigger to fit more than half of the page, this would attract the audience automatically and make the images at the top of the hierarchy.