Why was propaganda so effective in World War One?

In our lesson this Friday was discussed Propaganda for our Unit 5  assignment and how graphic design has influenced the government to create advertising posters to join the army. Whilst taking notes down I found out the following:

From looking at the two videos:

  • Propaganda is defined as a systematic propagation of official government policies through manipulating
  • Duration of both WW1 and WW2
  • Get people to believe the government.
  • Sent messages through design
  • Messages that put you down
  • Now you see it in posters for anti-littering ect..
  • Graphic design had an important role mainly in ww1 and the revolution
  • main aim was to manipulate men to join the war
  • Colours used are the sam as ww1 and american now
  • Propaganda is the message, but they lie there way for people to join the war/army

From the discussion after:

  • Propaganda started off in Russia as they used the same three primary colours of red, blue and yellow as the propaganda colours.
  • The aim of the design posters are to get the message across to men to join the army and fight in the war
  • The first printing press was created in World War One which influenced designers to use this techniques to create their propaganda posters.
  • It made men seem not as manly as they are if they do not join the war.
  • This also made people look down on you if you didn’t obey.
  • The posters were everywhere are gave off a subliminal messages to passers by. You couldn’t get away from the advertisement as they were on every street, every sign, every window and every other place you could think of.
  • Hitler used this design style to inform passers by about his beliefs
  • The government decided to embrace this deign style in a lot of different cases as well as the war.
  • The message of propaganda made people feel guilty
  • I feel that the design style must of been effective if we use it today
  • We see propaganda every way, for example the army – we fight, we swim..
  • Joining the war makes you feel like a hero
  • Propaganda just conceals some of the truths, its not all lies but it mainly is.
  • We see propaganda styles everyday on the television because of the advertisement of children in africa and animal charities wanting money from us or to sponsor animals which in some cases our money might not even go to the charity – it could be for wages of staff .
  • People were easily persuaded by propaganda/brainwashed.
  • This proves we can’t always spot the truth from lies.
  • Propaganda can also seem personal to the individual but targets everyone as a whole

What I found was the most important. I feel that the most important fact about researching Propaganda was how easily mislead people are into joining the war. They were told it was like a holiday which persuaded a lot of people in WW1 to join, as a result of peer pressure. This also shows – like I have said before – that you cant always tell the truth from a lie.

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