Evaluation – web design

The target audience for my website design is both male and female aged between 16 and 40, they would be interested in design and could also be graphic designers themselves. There is no client for my project as it is my own website, but the intended message is to get across my portfolio and to create a  website design using Adobe InDesign and Dreamweaver. The format for my project is a website design showing off my own designs throughout the first and second year of my Extended Diploma. I feel that I have met all the outcomes of the brief because I have successfully completed all of the tutorials throughout the lessons to my highest standard.

I have learnt a lot of new skills throughout this project as I have never done web design before. This includes, using Dreamweaver, laying out a page with Divtags, inserting images into my Divtags, editing images in Photoshop to be placed into divtags, creating navigation and editing the appearance of the links for web. I feel I have accomplished these successfully and I feel that I have created a fantastic outcome. I started off creating thumbnails which is the use of pencils and then went on to using Adobe InDesign to make sure that I had my measurements accurate. Once this was finished I started using my skills in Dreamweaver which is all the use of digital media.

Whilst researching this project I looked at a number of different design agencies as well as popular websites such as thesun.co.uk, very.co.uk and my own researched agency called johnsonbanks. I feel that these gave me great inspiration for my own website and I have taken into account the layout of a particular design agency called theclickdesign.com. This website has inspired me because I really like the layout of the boxes for each project, which I have done a similar design onto my website which I feel works really well and is also professional. As a result I have definitely linked my research to my own work as I feel that anyone can tell that looking through my research and my website to see how my designs have inspired.

I feel that the boxes for each project worked really well and that I have added my own design feature of a black line underneath the header of each page, these worked very well and I feel they were my most successful parts of the project. Likewise I also feel I have created a consistent theme throughout each of my pages that makes my website look professional. The most difficult part of the whole project was getting the hang of using Dreamweaver as this is the first time I have used the software in any of my project. As a result I needed to practice each lecture every week to ensure I understood these properly. The most straightforward part of the whole project for me was definitely creating Divtags as I found these really easy to create and modify. I have developed my project throughout the whole way because I have changed the layout of my HTML pages a number of times to ensure that the layout worked well. If I could improve my project at all I think it would have to be the image layout of each project page, this is because each project had a different number of images and as a result I could not fit them all in. I did not improve this at the time because I needed to concentrate each week on the different lectures to make sure I was not behind at all. I have learnt how to use Dreamweaver by doing this assignment and also how to create a website which I can now do in the future more quickly and professionally. As as result I feel I have met the learning outcomes of each of the brief requirements and I have created my website to the best of my ability, completing all of the lesson tasks and the coursework for each one.