Editing the appearance of your links

You can change the appearance of your links so when you look at them on the internet they can be different colours or typefaces when rolled over and clicked. To do this you need to highlight the typeface you would like to change, create a new CSS rule and make it an ‘A’ TAG. Go back onto your CSS page in Dreamweaver and copy and paste the rule three times – to have a total of four rules exactly the same. This can make editing the appearance easier.

Where the rule starts with an A, add the following to each of the rules

  • a:link – this changes the general appearance of the link.
  • a:visited – this changes the appearance when you’ve already visited it.
  • a:hover – this changes the appearance when your mouse is hovering over the link.
  • a:active – this changes the appearance when you are currently using the link.

This will now make each of the four CSS rules different  – this makes them completely different when you edit them. Click inside one of the rules and to the right hand of Dreamweaver you can edit the colour, sizing, and typeface of the text. Once you have done this for all four of the A: rules view it on the internet and you can see how each of the rules have worked. REMEMBER: make sure you but the A: rules in the right order otherwise it will not work.