Changing navigation in Dreamweaver

There are three different ways you can put navigation onto your website. This makes sure that when you click on a link it will take it to the right place. Anything can be made into a link for your website as long as the code it right. It should look like this on your CSS file:

<a = indicates the start of the link and denotes the link

</a = indicates the end of the link

href = indicates the reference to where its linking to.

Way One – select the object or type that you wish to create a link with. On the bottom of the Dream Weaver page there is a box with the word link next to it, click on the file icon to the right and it should take you to your html pages. Chose the one that you wish to navigate to, and press OK.

Way Two –  Like before, select the object or type you wish to create a link with, go down to the link part again and click on the circle icon before the file icon. Click and drag the icon – this should come up with an arrow following your mouse – and drag it over where your html menu – manage sites –  is in the bottom right hand corner. Once you have done this the html file should appear in the link box.

Way Three – If you have not create the page you wish to navigate to, you can still link it. Select the object or type that you with to create the link with and type in the link box the name of your html page you with to create. When you are ready to create the page make sure you name it what you did before – in the link box – and this will automatically create the link to your html file.