From our lesson we spoke about the Bauhaus school and looked at the video above which explains the basics on what the Bauhaus is. From looking at these I found out that:

  • The Bauhaus is  a school founded in Germany in 1919 by Walter Gropius just after the first world war.
  • The art work is made from different colours and shape (red, blue, green / circle,square,triangle)
  • Their typeface used has no capital letters
  • The school consisted in a lot of different subjects including fine art, theater, architecture and metal work.
  • The Bauhaus looks at creativity in a different way to other designers, they concentrate on making the design as simple as possible rather than making them look pretty.
  • They produce high end designs

Once we found out a little bit about the Bauhaus we chose a question altogether which we wanted to find out more about. As a result we have chosen to look at ‘Why Does The Bauhas Consist of Simple Shapes and Primary Colours?’

These are the results:

  • Create something new which is unique to other designers
  • Give a cleaner design which concentrates mainly on the design side
  • Bauhaus started off as a school
  • World War One ended as soon as the Bauhaus was founded.
  • Opened in Germany 1919
  • Makes a picture with shapes and colours
  • Influenced by music and sound
  • The Bauhaus was hand made
  • Made clay, chairs, industrial
  • The Bauhaus changed the look of art throughout the century
  • Materials used are wood, clay, metal, leather, steel
  • One of the main subjects taught was architecture
  • Also looked at sculpting
  • Modern industry – modern look
  • Urban technology
  • Lowercase typeface, sans serif
  • Regeneration after the war
  • Manifesto- combine media to create objects