Editing your images for Dreamweaver

Once you have placed all your divtags into your Dreamweaver document you need to do the next step of adding your images.

1.Before doing anything you MUST create a IMAGE FOLDER in your ROOTFOLDER.  Choose your image you would like to use, open it in Photoshop and make sure it is in RGB mode by going into the IMAGE toolbar at the top of the page and select MODE – RGB. This makes it the right format to go onto the web.

2.You now need to crop your image to the right size for your DIVTAG, and to do this you need to click on the drop down box and click on SIZE AND RESOLUTION.  Crop it to the right measurements for you – for example mine would be 200px HEIGHT x 300px WIDTH – then change the RESOLUTION to 72 DPI – press save.

3. Once you are happy with the measurements you have created you need to SAVE TO WEB, this makes it the right sort of document to be placed on to the web. This then goes onto the quality of the image, click 4 way view at the top and select the image you think looks best. REMEMBER a lower file size makes it easier to load onto your website. Make sure you have considered all the sizes and click SAVE. When saving you need to save it back into your IMAGE FOLDER you created at the start – this makes it link back to your Dreamweaver. Try to save your image as something remembered as you will need to go back to it when inserting.

4. NEVER SAVE YOUR IMAGE. Just in case you need to change your images at a later date or even to print it.