Tim Walker – Story Teller Exhibition Visit

On Friday 9th November we went to Somerset House to look at Tim Walker’s photographic exhibition ‘Story Teller’ who using large scale 3D props to create his fantasy images. Once I walked in you could see a gigantic model of an airplane, which was used in a number of different photographs presented. As you can see from the first image to the left, Walker has made me feel that the spitfire is inside a house where the pilot is trying to save a lady off the wing of the plane. So I could see from this image and around the whole exhibition that Tim Walker is creating a story as the audience walk through.The next photograph that I found interesting was a project for Vogue in 2008 using a prop of a UFO in a hunt. I think that the message coming across to the audience is the difference between two worlds and Walker is telling a story of how Kinga Rajkak wants to join in with a realistic sport and she is showing the way – instead of jumping over the gates, Kinga fly’s in her UFO. After walking through into the next room I saw an interesting photograph that uses everyday props to show the dangers of crossing the road. Walker has dressed a man in black covering every part of his body and stood in the same position as the sign – then taken a red circle and made the model stand well back to make sure he fits inside the circle. This has then taken a replica like image of the original signpost. There were also the same theme images for different sign posts used throughout the United Kingdom. From these past three different subject photographs you can see how Tim Walker has used different ages throughout time to take inspiration for his photographs – for example the spitfire photographs would be from the 1950’s and the signpost photographs would be more modern.

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This next image has given me the idea that the lady is hiding from her doll as it has come to life and grown to about 10 foot. In the exhibition you can see the real life prop that Walker has used for the dolly, which shows how he has not used Photoshop to create a doll bigger, but he has created the actual prop the size it looks on the canvas. From these two images of the doll project you can tell how Walker’s photographs are every dream like – you wouldn’t imagine your doll coming to life and trying to hunt you down in your own home. The next photograph I have taken a shine to is how Walker has used a projector to create fireworks that look realistic inside a massive stately home. I really admire this photograph because of the effect Walker has made the room to look which the pink effect going around it. This image is completely different to others like the dream dolly because they tell different stories from different eras of time – I would say that this photograph is from a rich families home in the 1990s. Finally I think that this image of a ‘flower ice-cream’ is really effective, as instead of ice-cream scoops Walker has taken crystalized roses with cream to create the same effect. I feel that this has a modern twist to it and attracts the audience of females. Overall I really enjoyed my visit to Somerset House as the exhibition gave me modern ideas for my project and shows a twist on how photography isn’t just about the technical side of a camera, it can be about dreams, fantasy and having a young imagination.

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