My Website Design Divtags

I have applied the same rules to my own website design as I have from my previous post. Firstly I inserted my heading DIVTAG which once is saved can be used automatically again for each of the other pages of my website – as you can see throughout the four pages. To make sure you can do this for your own website design you need to save each box in the ID part of the process – for example my heading box was called ‘heading’ -this makes it easier when you want this on other pages. Once I created all my rules for the DIVTAG I used the same ones for my other pages which makes the process a whole lot easier and quicker. When considering your CSS page, you can see from my last image that even though I have 4 different pages the CSS page has not done a rule for each page – this relates back to using the same DIVTAG ID for each of your pages. Make sure you use different colours for each DIVTAG  so you can see your designs clearly.