Website Design

Things to consider when designing my website

Navigation – When considering my website design I need to think about how the audience will get around the site. For example if I have too many links to pages then this could be confusing, as of this I would consider having a simple clean layout which a few boxes relating to each of my projects – this then does not make my website complicated. Also I would definitely consider having either a menu bar or boxes, this is because if I use both the audience would get confused and would also make my website have too much going on.

Content – On my home page I would consider having either images or type – this is because I want my homepage to catch the audience’s eye straight away. Also too much typeface can make the audience not want to read the content because they may find it boring, which is why I would consider using images when designing it. On my other pages I would definitely use images again but also have a mixture of image and type – this is to tell the target audience what each of my projects are about.

Layout – When thinking about layout, I would definitely keep my homepage above the fold to make it more interesting and also simple for the audience to get around the site. I would consider using images in the centre of the page which a heading at the top – this makes it have space around all four sides so that the audience can concentrate on each image. Following on from this, the project pages would also have a lot of space around each of the images but the audience would have to scroll down the page to find out more about the project and outcomes itself. On the left hand side of each project page I would definitely consider having the other projects listed, which relates back to the navigation side of website design. Another thing to think about when you are created a website design is not to make the layout too heavy, for example if you have too much typeface on the page this could look boring for the audience and would make them not want to read it. To reduce the typeface I would definitely only write a short paragraph about each image and an overall summery of my project to make them understand this more.

Typeface – When thinking about using typeface on each of your pages you need to also think about the hierarchy. For example when you are creating the homepage for a website you need to make the most important pieces of information larger then the rest to catch the audience’s eye so that they know exactly what the website is about in a matter of seconds. This is also a good way to think about my project pages by having the project title larger than the rest of the information. I would then make the information about each image smaller than the rest of the body copy to make sure that the most important information is recognized straight away. There are millions of typefaces you could use for your website design, but you also need to think about these being versatile and easy to read. For my project I would not use a simple typeface like Ariel because I want my website to have a created effect, but also I wouldn’t use a fancy font such as Lucida Calligraphy because this would be too hard to read when put into a paragraph.  I would consider using an abstract yet simple typeface like Futura or Geneva because although these are simple they also have a rounded effect to them which looks good when in a paragraph and also as a heading.