VERY.CO.UK is a large productive website especially for clothing and home appliances. .As this website has no beginning, middle or end, any customer can get access to any of the pages directly from search engines and other websites – for example if a customer was to search ‘very women’s clothing’ they would be directly taken to the women’s department on the site. There is a great difference between the desktop version of and the iPhone version – this is because they both have different formats that work well in different layouts. The theme of having pink boxes and headings are the same in both layouts although the desktop format has more to it. Like most websites, Very has a menu running across the page which tells the audience what products they have in store – the iPhone app has the exact same menu going down the page, which if you click onto one of the topics it will take you to another drop down menu. Although this directs you to where you need to be, you have to go through a lot of menus  to find your exact product. Where as on the desktop website it is much easier to find the items you want within a few clicks. The same typeface is used throughout the two versions of which makes it consistent and professional. I would take this forward into my own website design by making my different versions consistent with the same theme and typeface. On both of the two versions of Very, the main page has the same image which is advertising their brand further. The layout is quite simple, although you can not scroll onto another screen from the image on the app like you can on the desktop design, it still has the same quality and resolution as the desktop version. The target audience of is mainly women which is why the tags are pink – although the audience is also men because also have mens clothing and accessories. The age range would definitely be 18-30s because they have the latest trends which the younger generation can wear and afford with their stable income.

As all websites are created in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) the colours can vary from one version of a website to another – for example if one version looked grey, another version could look black. As a designer you need to be careful using different contrasts because some computers like old Dell desktops have a poorer quality to modern desktops such as Apple Macs – this is the same as using typefaces- the reason Very has used a simple typeface is to make sure that each user has the type on their computer. Just like the website the audience scroll through the site instead of reading each word for word, therefor the site has used imagery to direct the audience to places they need to go. The disadvantage of Very having more words than images for navigation is that the target audience may not be bothered to go through all the different menus to find what they wants – so to fix this they have a search bar which does not have.