The Sun is a well known newspaper as well as a website for all the latest news and information from around the world. As you can see from the images about, both the desktop and the iPhone have the same format, which shows that the company has not really thought as much into the iPhone version. They both have the same layout with the ‘Sun’ logo in the top left hand corner which the menu running along the side of it – this is a very common way to have the menu which gives me influence to have my menu completely different to make it abstract. As you can see from the homepage, next to each piece of the news there is a coloured line which is consistent throughout each page of the website. These are also colour coordinated, for example blue is for sport and purple is for showbiz – these are a good way of helping the audience get through the site quick and easily. I could use this for inspiration by having a colour key to direct my target audience through my website. When you roll over one of the articles, the heading has a background matching the colour of the strip dedicated to the genre.

I would say that the target audience of The Sun would be mostly men aged 25 and over mainly because of the sport pages at the back of the paper and because of how sport is the first thing you see once you are on the homepage. You can enter the site through any webpage, for example if you searched for a news topic you can guarantee that The Sun will be one of the top searches on the page – this is an advantage because it shows that The Sun is a trusted website and company. Navigation has been used very well because the top 4 parts of The Sun are in the menu at the top of the homepage which directs the target audience where they need to go straight away. The downside to this is how the customers have to scroll down the page of each subject to fit the specific topic they want to look up. An easier way to find what you need straight away is rolling over ‘ALL’ – this gives you all the information you need to find your way round the site.

At the top right hand corner of the homepage there is a weather symbol which is a good way to keep the information up to date which is a good way of finding out information.