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As you can see from the first image above Johnson Banks has used navigation uniquely by having the menu inside the introduction by a colour key -this tells the audience straight away what the designer does. The purpose of this is to make the colours at the top of the hierarchy which attracts the target audience’s eye as they would read this first. The website has no beginning, middle or end so any user can get into from any webpage. I feel that this is an advantage because if someone searches for Exhibition and 3D in a search engine they could automatically find the webpage that directs them to Johnsonbanks. Most webpages do not have a fixed height, although on this homepage you can see that the whole design fits into one page which is more practical for going straight into what you want to find. On the other hand, if you go onto one of the other pages such as ‘logos’ you have to scroll down the page to find what you want – although the advantage of this is that the pages have images as the menu which lets the audience see clearly where they need to go. The audience of webpages are different to books – they scan them. This is one of the purposes why has used the colour navigation on the menu, likewise with the different images on each of the pages leading off the menu. I feel that colour and images are a good way of using the hierarchy effectively towards the audience and navigational skills. On the top of each webpage for this design site there is an image of the colours on the introduction. Although this is a good way to get back to the main page, it isn’t very helpful if the audience want to go onto a different page. In this case I would have considered the designer to have made a drop down menu for each page so that the audience have be navigated directly instead of having to go back. Typeface has been used efficiently throughout the website because it is all the same. This shows that the context is second to the imagery, and is also nearer the bottom of the hierarchy. As well as the type staying the same, the layout and theme is consistent throughout the whole website – this makes the audience concentrate more on the actual products from the designer than anything else.  If you were to look at the website on your iPhone or smartphone the layout is exactly the same, it does not stretch and is not made smaller. The only difference is how the text is made bigger for the audience to read without having to zoom in.