Jan Tschichold and Swiss Typography

Who are the main designers/artists involved?

In the late 20s Tschichold designed a ‘universal alphabet’ to clean up the few mutligraphs and non-phonetic spellings in the German language, for example he created new characters to replace phrases like ‘ch’ and ‘sch’. The alphabet was then presented into one sans-serif typeface without capital letters. Some of the most famous typography creations from Jan Tschichold were the typefaces of Transit, Saskia and Zeus which were designed in 1931, and Sabon in 1966.


Jan Tschichold also went on to create the design of the famous Penguin Books in the 1940s, using his own typefaces and a consistent theme through out all of the books. Tschichold designed a template for all Penguin books with designated positions for the title and author’s name with a line between the two.  He then finally went to produce rules regarding the Penguin books, that the Typographers and Printers were to keep the same style throughout.