Jan Tschichold and Swiss Typography

What else was happening at the time? How might of this affected the work produced?

During the time of Swiss typography, there were other designs going on such as packaging design of Kellogg’s and Budweiser and the front cover of Time Magazine which all concentrated on geometric layout and San-serif typeface of advertising. The space race began in 1957, which as you can see from the poster below it has a similar design style as Jan Tschichold’s poster for ‘The New Typography’ as they both use the same three bold colours and lines. As of this, you can see clearly that the way other designs have created posters in the same era have effected how Tschichold has created his designs. The bold lines and basic colours represents the emphasizing cleanliness, readability and objectivity that I mentioned in the first post about Tschichold and Swiss Typography. Likewise, this design was also used around different designs, for example the Chuck Berry and Ruth Brown posters all used the same three colours of black, white and red.